##charName## just won ₤##amountWon## playing ##gameDisplayName##!
Sharda just won ₤52.19 playing Rainbow Riches Bingo!
Janyce just won ₤26.43 playing Roller Coaster!
Chris just won ₤128.29 playing The Big Wheel!
Son just won ₤35.23 playing Roller Coaster!
Deann just won ₤32.40 playing Roller Coaster!
Olivia just won ₤27.91 playing Roller Coaster!
Elda just won ₤25.00 playing Cash Cubes Bingo!
Boyle just won ₤44.50 playing Age of the Gods Bingo!
Milton just won ₤68.64 playing Deal or No Deal Bingo!
Myrl just won ₤53.12 playing Roller Coaster!
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No matter what sort of bingo floats your boat, there’s something here for absolutely everyone, from daily specials to tempting monthly prizes.
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If you’re an online bingo newbie (and if you are, then where on earth have you been?!) then fear not. Betfair Bingo offer a handy, comprehensive guide to various online bingo games, explaining absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about the games on offer. You’ll turn from novice to master after just a few tries and won’t ever look back!

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Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can take your online bingo gaming experience that one step further by getting involved with the online bingo community at Betfair. Brush up on your bingo lingo, learn some new terminology, pick up some new tips, meet like-minded folk, and make your overall bingo experience that little bit more interactive.