Cash Cubes Bingo Room

Tickets and Strips


Cash Cubes is a unique 36 ball call variant. The Cash Cubes game consists of one ticket with 12 numbers. The ticket is made up of four squares joined by trapezoids which contain the numbers. When a ball is called that matches a number on the ticket, the trapezoid with that number is highlighted in yellow.

There are four different ticket prices that can be bought depending on stake levels; these are distinguishable by different coloured cubes. The prices for a ticket will be the same for each bingo game. When tickets are available for purchase, the ticket price is clearly published on a bespoke ticket purchaser on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices. If playing on a Desktop or Tablet device you will be able to manually select your own ticket out of a choice of 3 options.

Once the game has started, the purchased ticket will show a unique ticket number on the left hand side of the ticket.

Game Prizes/Jackpots

The prizes offered in each bingo game is the minimum guaranteed prize amount, the actual prize is determined by the number of tickets purchased per game. The more tickets purchased, the bigger the prize pot!

In each bingo game there is 1 bingo prize to be won – 4 Cubes or House/Bingo and a Cash Cubes Jackpot Prize. There are also 4 Cube Collection features prizes that can be won; one for each stake level.

The player who is the first to break the squares and release all 4 cubes from their ticket wins the 4 Cubes prize. All players who have bought a ticket for the game may also win a share of the Cash Cubes Jackpot prize. All players are additionally eligible for the Cubes Collection prize (should 50 cubes of the same colour be collected). Note also player(s) who have won the 4 Cubes prize, are still eligible to win a share of the Cash Cubes Jackpot prize and the Cubes Collection prize.

Two or more players can win/share a prize in Cash Cubes (4 Cubes or Cash Cubes Jackpot prize), i.e. players’ may have a ticket, which meets the prize criteria on the same ball. In such circumstances the cash prize will be split proportionally to the stake placed by each player. Winnings will be deposited directly into the player's account.

Please see the "Playing the Game" section below for more details.

Playing the Game

The four squares on a ticket represent 4 cubes. When a square is completed (i.e. all 4 numbers around a square have been marked off), the square will shatter to reveal a colored cube. All cubes revealed will match the color of the stake selected. When a cube has been released from a ticket, it will slide down to the bottom of the ticket area to fill the first available empty cube space.

The objective is to collect as many of the 4 cubes from the ticket within a game in order to build up your Cubes Collection, see Cubes Collection Feature section.

If you have purchased tickets for the current game, once game play begins the interface will change and you will participate in the game of Bingo. Please see the following sections for game play help.

If you are playing or watching a game of Cash Cubes, the Game Details area of the bingo window displays information on the current game:

  • The Game Name
  • The Number of Players
  • Details of the prizes on offer – 4 Cubes, Cash Cubes Jackpot, Cube Collection prizes and the value of each prize
  • The current prize being played for in the game is highlighted
  • Jackpot Prize Information.
  • Applicable Features.

Cash Cubes Jackpot Prize

The Cash Cubes game features a network progressive jackpot that pays out to 100% of the community. The Jackpot can be won by calling 4 Cubes within a certain number of ball calls. The Cash Cubes Jackpot prize is split between all players that have bought a ticket proportional to the amount each player staked in the game. Winnings will be deposited directly into the player's account. 

Cubes Collection Feature

The Cash Cubes game includes a Cubes Collection Feature, where players can collect 50 cubes to win a bonus prize. You will gain one collection cube per shattered cube on the bingo ticket. There are four different prizes that can be won depending on what color cubes have been collected.. 

 In order to win a Cubes Collection prize you must collect a total of 50 cubes all of the same color. The winnings from the Cubes Collection prize will go towards the Cash Cubes Bingo Bonus. Keep playing to collect more cubes to win more prizes. If the collected cubes takes the total over 50 at the end of a game, the additional cubes will be rolled over, e.g. if you have 48 Purple cubes and win 3, you will win the Purple bonus and the next game will show you have 1 Purple cube. All other color totals will remain intact. 

Progress towards winning a Cash Cubes Collection prize is recorded at the end of each game and shown after the win animation. Visibility of your Cubes Collection progress as at the start of the current game can be seen during game play by means of a feature overlay panel that can be opened over the ticket area.  


In the case of any malfunction, all bets and winnings are null and void.

Unresolved bets

Unresolved bets placed but remaining undecided in incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity