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What are Bingo Scratch Cards? 

Even the keenest bingo fan might want to try something different now and then. This is where our range of fantastic scratch cards can make your day extra special. Give yourself a treat and find out whether the hidden symbols are exactly what you need to win some cash. 

With Betfair Bingo scratch cards, you get to choose from a wide variety of themes, giving you the chance to choose exactly what most interests you. Set off on a trip to Ireland, go shopping or head to the circus, among other adventures! 

What are bingo scratch cards? 

A bingo scratch card is a fast and simple type of game that anyone can play very easily. You get a grid featuring a number of different symbols. As you scrape them off one by one, the images that appear underneath them reveal whether you have won or not. It’s as simple as that! 

What do people love scratch cards? 

A lot of people love the simple approach involved in scratching these cards. In a matter of seconds, you will discover whether you have won some money. It can be a brilliant way to add a dash of excitement to your day. Even if you are really busy, you can make time to enjoy this sort of game. 

Why should someone choose to play scratch card games online? 

These games are very similar to the real-life scratch off games that you have probably played at some point. Choosing a bingo scratch card at Betfair gives you a more flexible and convenient way of playing like this. You will get a ton of fun from scraping off the images! 

Free play vs. real money play 

Our previous bingo scratch card winners will tell you that this is a great way to win some cash. Play for real money to get the buzz of a possible jackpot prize, or else a smaller but still worthwhile win. Free play demos let you get to grips with the gameplay without putting your own cash down. 

What is the age limit for playing scratch cards? 

As it is a form of gambling, scratch card bingo UK games can only be played by anyone over the legal age limit for betting. At the time of writing, this is set at 18 years old in the UK. 

Tips to improve your chances of winning scratch cards 

We all love the thrill of winning. Yet, surely playing bingo scratch cards is a question of luck. Is there are any way of giving yourself a greater chance of winning? 

If you want to know how to play bingo scratch cards then we have gathered a few tips to get you started. There is no guarantee that you will fill your pockets with cash, but you will have a terrific time trying to do so! 

What are the odds of winning at scratch cards? 

Each of these games has an RTP (return to player) figure that is generally around 90% or more. This tells you how much of the money wagered it pays out to its players on average. You can use this number to work out how likely you are to win, although it is isn’t an exact science. Check the details of each game for this number. 

Squares and letters on a scratch card meaning 

Each bingo scratch card is designed differently, according to the theme and how it is played. What they generally have in common is a section showing you the hidden symbols and what they are worth. There is no need for the codes that appear on some physical scratch games, which perhaps confused you in the past. 

Scratch card games strategy 

For most of us, the best way to play is to simply choose a theme we like and start scratching. If you want to think about it more deeply then you could look for an option with a high RTP. Some players also like to buy a few cards for the same game one after another, as they feel that it increases their chances of winning. 

Are there any promotions and bonuses related to scratch cards? 

You may sometimes see useful scratch card promotions at Betfair Bingo. For instance, you may get free games or some other incentive that you can enjoy. It is definitely worth keeping an eye out for this sort of incentive. 

How to improve your chances of winning at bingo scratch cards? 

These scratch games are designed to give you a good chance of winning no matter how you play. Our bingo scratch card winners will often say that they simply got lucky. Is there more to it than that, though? You can boost your chances of a tasty scratch-off win by taking the following points into consideration. 

Which scratch card is most likely to win? 

Part of the fun of scratching off the symbols is that you never know when you might hit a win.  However, if you want to stand more of a chance then look for games with a high RTP and a nice array of prizes. Will you be tempted by the prospect of a giant jackpot? 

How do you win on scratch cards? 

Each scratch game will tell you the combination of symbols needed to win some money. Don’t worry about counting them all at the end, though. You will be automatically credited with any prize money that is due to you. 

How many jackpots are left on scratch cards? 

Jackpot scratch-offs always have their main prize re-established immediately after they are won. So you stand the same chance of winning at any time. You won’t ever buy a bingo scratch card that doesn’t have a full range of prizes available. 

Play real money bingo scratch cards on Betfair Bingo 

Are you now ready to discover the pleasure of scratching off those symbols? You can choose from some wonderful real money cards that are incredibly exciting. Give them a try and see if you can scratch your way to a memorable victory at Betfair Bingo!