95.3% RTP

Vlad's Castle Slot Game

Play Vlad’s Castle Slots for Real Money on Betfair Bingo!

Dare you enter Vlad’s Castle? Despite its eerie exterior, this ominous slot contains some pleasant treats. However, if you want to unlock this game’s riches, you need to take a chance and let the symbols fall as they may. So, if you’re feeling brave, come with us as we walk you through Vlad’s Castle.

Vlad’s Castle Game Features

Within this mausoleum of reels and paylines, you’ll find a cast of creepy symbols. Starting with shadowy card icons and moving up to white roses, coffins, bats and, of course, the damsel in distress, the prize board is filled with potential.

Indeed, if you’re able to roll in three or more matches from left-to-right, you’ll win payouts starting at 3X your line bet. For those that light up five damsels across this slot’s 25 paylines, you’ll win a heady 5,000X your line bet!

Vlad’s Castle Slot Game Strategy

The first tip we can offer before you play Vlad’s Castle slots is to have fun. Yes, the interface is designed to put you on edge but don’t let that put you off. Embrace the darkness and enjoy the experience.

In line with this, you also need to be comfortable with uncertainty. Just as things go bump in the night, it’s important to be prepared for anything when you spin the reels. If you’re able to do that, Vlad’s Castle is a hugely entertaining online slot.

Vlad’s Castle Return to Player (RTP)

In creating Vlad’s Castle, the developers at Eyecon wanted to entertain. However, what they also wanted to do was give you a chance to win. With that being the case, the RTP is 95.30%. That’s a strong score and means you can spin your way through Vlad’s Castle slots safe in the knowledge wins are more than possible.

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