Eliminators Chat Night

Gain entry to the VIP room on Sunday night when eliminators plays from 7-11pm by staking £5 cash on any bingo or slots this week.

Contestants are pitted against CM’s in a test of general knowledge.

Beginning with a numbers chat game, the winner becomes the contestant, and goes head to head against the CM – the ‘Eliminator’.

Questions are asked and the Contestant and Eliminator need to answer at the same time.

Each correct answer moves the contestant one step closer to home, however if the eliminator answers correctly, they move one step closer to the player.

The contestant gets to choose how close to home they begin at, the closer to home the smaller the bonus pot.

If the contestant makes it home, the winnings are placed into a pot, and after playing four rounds, all contestants that have not been eliminated share the bonus pot.

However, should the eliminator catch the contestant, they are out and no funds are added to the pot.

The grid works as follows:


Step 6

Step 5 - £25

Step 4 - £15

Step 3 - £10

Step 2



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##charName## just won ₤##amountWon## playing ##gameDisplayName##!
Daniel just won ₤27.27 playing Lucky Numbers Bingo!
Wonda just won ₤135.27 playing Deal or No Deal Bingo!
Myrl just won ₤31.83 playing Deal or No Deal Bingo!
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Brittani just won ₤178.46 playing The Big Wheel!
Jill just won ₤47.17 playing Deal or No Deal Bingo!
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